Here are some of the companies we have helped to date:


Whitehat, london

Project Modules:

  • Recruitment strategy - Sourced and negotiated for a best in class ATS, audited and improved job adverts leading to a doubling of inbound applicants, trained hiring managers on effective process.

  • Direct Hiring - Sourcing across the business following a significant funding round.

  • HR processes - Advised Management on the refactoring of policies, such as shared parental leave and managing employee exit comms.


Fluidly, london

Project Modules:

  • Recruitment Setup - Sourced a best in class ATS, integrating jobs page onto the site, building scorecard packs for managers.

  • Employer Branding - Total revamp of employer branding, ensuring that Fluidly can stand out in a tough hiring market.

  • Direct Hiring - Direct sourcing of Data engineers, Full Stack developers and Senior level staff.

  • Company Levelling - Assessed the current org structure and redeveloped to ensure better pathways for development through clear documentation and manager training.

  • Onboarding - Planned an onboarding process that took into account all comms “From Yes to Desk” and ensured rapid integration into the team.


Scede, London

Project Modules:

  • Vision, Mission, Values, Behaviours - Aiding the management team in the setting of a clear Vision and Mission.

  • Company Levelling / Progression - Interviewed and assessed current manager groups to understand current challenges. Created and communicated clear company wide levelling and progression documentation.

  • Org Design - Redesigned organisation to allow for clearer development pathways.

  • New Manager Training - Assessed skills gaps, created and delivered bespoke management training to aid development of the team.