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Levelling & Progression

A lack of career development and advancement potential remains one of the top reasons people - particularly high performers - leave organisations.

We help you to outline clear progression pathways and communicate this effectively, giving you and your managers the tools and training to drive meaningful career conversations.

Compensation & Salary Benchmarking

Considering your compensation approach and philosophy is essential to attracting, retaining, and motivating talent.

We help you empower leaders to have open and constructive pay conversations by benchmarking compensation against the external market, assessing your compensation approach, building your philosophy and ensuring this aligns with both your people and commercial strategy.

Performance Development

Everyone wants to build a high-performance culture. But making it happen is hard.

We partner with you to build a performance process that provides clarity and structure, encourages impactful feedback from managers and introduces development methods that align with your overall people and business goals.

Manager Development

Developing manager potential is critical if you want to drive performance, alignment and engagement across your teams.

We run a highly interactive 6 week manager accelerator programme to upskill your managers when it comes to core leadership skills. We also build bespoke programmes to tackle specific challenges.

People Success Roadmap

When it comes to maturing your people operations as you scale, it can often feel like flying a plane whilst trying to fix the engine.

Our People Partners use their expertise to review your current people processes and use the results to build a tailored, easy-to-implement 12-month "People Success Roadmap" to help you prioritise your time, attention and resources in the areas that need in most.

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