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Choosing the right partner for your People projects can be challenging. We want to make that work a little easier by sharing some of our project successes.

Below you'll find a selection of our case studies from our clients, showing proven improvements and ROI for the business, but driven through their people.



We worked closely with the People and Leadership team at Shiftmove, a newly created business in Germany, bringing together Avrios and Vimcar after both underwent a PE acquisition. This brought significant challenges when it came to integrating the two companies and bringing clarity to the organisational design, but our feedback from managers and leaders was resoundingly positive 🎉

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Formo Bio

Formo Bio are a fascinating company in the Biotech space, looking to blend science and art in their pursuit of a sustainable cheese. Our role was somewhat similar, focusing on the creation of inter city compensation bands - which enabled us to use our trusted approach to compensation, blending the science of data with the art of communication 🎨 ⚗️

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Protex came to us through our close partners, Playfair Capital. They had started to see rapid growth, but wanted to ensure they could sustain this through clear organisational design. They brought us in to work on levelling, progression and to run our Manager Development Programme - which improved clarity on levels and a measurable increase of 12% improvement in manager confidence, straight after the programme. 💪

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