Salary Band Sense Check

In today's competitive job market, an effective compensation strategy is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. We have worked with over 160+ startups and scaleups to ensure it's done right!


What do we offer?

Our "Salary Band Sense Check" offering provides you with expert analysis and recommendations to ensure your pay bands are competitive and reflective of market trends, while also incorporating your chosen pay strategy.

Comprehensive Review

Our team will thoroughly review your current salary bands across all levels and job families.

Benchmarking Against Market Data

We compare your pay bands with up-to-date market data to provide insights into how your compensation stacks up against industry standards.

Incorporating Your Pay Strategy

We align our recommendations with your chosen pay strategy, whether it's paying at mid-market or adjusting for specific locations.

Detailed Analysis & Suggested Adjustments

Receive a detailed analysis of where your pay bands stand relative to market benchmarks and actionable recommendations for necessary adjustments.

Rationale for Adjustments

Each suggested adjustment comes with a clear rationale, considering factors such as market competitiveness and internal equity.


Who Should Use This Service?

Our service is ideal for companies seeking a quick, cost-effective way to ensure their salary bands are competitive without committing to a large-scale compensation project.

What do you get from us?

Salary Band Report

A comprehensive report outlining our findings, insights, and suggested actions for optimising your pay bands.

45-Minute Playback Call

An interactive session with our comp experts to walk you through the report, answer questions and clarify recommendations!


Starting at £2,400

Final costs vary based on size, the complexity of your company's structure and available data.

Get in touch!

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Why us?

Since 2018, we’ve helped 160+ startups, scale-ups, and category leaders shape powerful people experiences that help them and their teams to perform at their best.

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